Habakkuk part 1 – Introduction

Over the course of the next few days, I will be posting some brief devotional thoughts on the book of Habakkuk, a particularly important book of the Bible during dark times.  I hope you will follow along and benefit from it!

Habakkuk.  Some people pronounce it HaBAKKuk.  Others pronounce it HABakkuk.  It is not a book of the Bible with which many people have much familiarity.  It is, however, a great resource during dark, scary, and uncertain times.  It is written at a particularly dark point in the history of God’s people, Israel.  Although God had chosen Israel as His holy people, set apart for His glory, they were committing all kinds of treachery, worshiping the gods of neighboring people, practicing prostitution in the temple of the LORD, and sacrificing their children to the god Molech (cf 2 Kings 23).  If that weren’t enough, terrifying global superpower Assyria loomed large, threatening to overrun God’s people entirely.  The fate of Israel as God’s chosen and treasured people appeared bleak.

Into this terrifying situation, the prophet Habakkuk enters into a dialogue with God about sin and justice, and ultimately about how we can trust and even praise God during the most trying of times.  For those seeking to make sense of wickedness in the world, the threat of catastrophe, God’s role in it all, and how we can flourish during dark times, the book of Habakkuk provides needed perspective and needed answers.  I hope you will follow along in this devotional study of Habakkuk over the course of the next few days.